March 2024 Income Statement

In March, we had a huge income month and a high expense month.  My wife received a 3.71% raise (salary now $204,552) and more company stock.

Our total income this month was $25,968.88.  In addition to my wife’s regular paychecks, she received a quarterly bonus of $26,285 gross ($14,679.54 net) and a $94.99 company reimbursement. We also received $55.03 in interest income from our savings accounts.

This month, our expenses totaled $15,397.75.  Large expenses included $1,686.69 vacation, $2,937.79 in giving, $1,096 for ski resort season passes for next year, $1,150 for home maintenance and $843.78 for car insurance.

Next month we hope to have a much lower expense month.