July 2022 Income Statement

In July, we had an an incredible income month and a pretty average expense month. 

Our total net income in July was $31,675.42. My wife started a new job making $190K/year (also a $12K sign on bonus, $40K in annual bonuses and $45K in company stock).  Her old company gave her a final paycheck of $4,204.03 net and cashed out her vacation for $12,302.89 net.  She started her new job part way through July and received $4,724 net in regular paychecks and received a sign on bonus of $12,100 gross (7,734.58 net).  We earned $44.40 in interest income from our savings accounts and stablecoins.

This month, our expenses totaled $9,893.36. Large expenses include $15,981.25 to pay off Wells Fargo credit card, $608.90 for clothing, $566.42 in vacation costs, and $513.91 for medical/prescriptions.

Next month my wife will have her first full month of paychecks at the new company.