June 2022 Income Statement

In June, we had an average income month and very low expenses. 

Our total income in June was $8,539.70.  In addition to my wife’s regular paychecks, she received $212.07 company reimbursement for internet and toll roads.  We earned $37.62 in interest income from our savings accounts and stablecoins.

This month, our expenses totaled $5,538.86. This is pretty misleading because we received a $6,150 refund for a cancelled vacation. We have begun to book new vacation plans but only spent a few hundred on it so far.  Large expenses included $2,260.15 for home owners insurance, $827.24 for medical/prescriptions, and $944.79 for clothing.

Next month my wife begins a new job making $190K, a $12K sign on bonus, $40K in annual bonuses and $45K in company stock.  So proud of her!