Scored a new job!

I am happy to have landed a new job.  My entire team was laid off in October so I just accepted an identical position at a competing company.  My new job will start January 30th.

Below is a comparison of my old job and my new job.

  Old job New job
Base Salary $52,000 $45,000
Bonus at 100% $28,000 $30,000
Bonus cap 120% of goal No cap
Vehicle Company car & gas card $450 auto allowance* & gas card
Vacation per year 2 weeks 2 weeks
Sick days per year 4 days 6 days
Holidays per year 7 days 9.5 days
401(k) match $1,000/year max 4%

* I negotiated a $450/month auto allowance & gas card in lieu of the company vehicle that is normally provided.  I was going to keep my car even if I was provided a company vehicle so receiving the auto allowance is a plus for me.

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