June 2011 Income Statement

We had our best income month ever in June ($14,358.74 total), but ended up spending a good deal too (click on spreadsheet below).

We were shocked to receive a $4,470 class action settlement from my wife’s old company at the end of June. This was a windfall was a total blessing. In addition to our regular paychecks, I received a third “extra” check in June and my wife received a $25 reimbursement from her company for internet. We earned $125 in credit card & hotel rewards and made $90 selling items on craigslist. We also earned $21.11 in interest income from our savings.

Our expenses were high in June, totaling $8,633.86. This included: $1,464.90 for auto insurance (Cars 2 & 3), $376.82 for rental insurance, $447.59 for Cobra insurance, and of course, more baby items.

July will be another great income month (>$10K) thanks to a third “extra” paycheck that my wife will receive. It could also be a pretty reasonable expense month even though we have a few good size bills to pay: $233 for 6 months of life insurance premiums (Husband & Wife), $400 for a 50% prepayment to our doula, and a $327 traffic ticket.