March 2010 Income Statement

As I stated in our Net Worth Update, March was a crazy month.

My wife was laid off mid month, but we still had a good income month. My wife received one final pay check, her company cashed out her vacation ($733.52), and will be giving two weeks of severance ($1,300+). We also received a $4,111 tax refund ($3,730 fed & $381 state) and sold 20 shares of BofA stock for small $48 gain. My wife received a $110 company reimbursement for internet and phone service, we earned $25 in credit card cash back rewards, and earned $2.30 in interest income.

Our expenses this month were off the chart, primariliy because with paid cash for a 3rd vehicle (4×4). Our expenses totaled $18,391.59, but if you pull out the $12,250 we paid for the 4×4, our expenses were $6,141.59. Still a bit high, but not so outrageous.

With the purchase of our 4×4, and my wife being out of work part of the month, we’ll be playing a little catch up in April.