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I am a guy pushing 40 that is married to a beautiful woman in her 30's. If I can only have as much luck with our finances.

Going Out Is Expensive

We went out for a friend’s birthday on Saturday and ended up spending about $120.00. Back in my younger days, that might not seem like a lot of money for a night on the town, but now, it shocks me a bit.We met up with our group of friends at 2:00pm and stayed out until 11:00pm. We got an early start because it was Cinco de Mayo, and we knew the bars would be packed. Sure enough, there was already a good crowd on hand at 2:00pm. I originally thought we’d be going home around 7:00pm, but we were Read more [...]

Opened Roth IRA For Wife

We opened a Roth IRA for my wife this weekend, selecting the Vanguard 500 Index Fund as her investment. The Vanguard 500 Index Fund is the largest mutual fund in the world and attempts to attempt to mirror the S&P 500.The fund has an initial minimum investment of $3,000; additional investments are $100. We plan to fully fund her Roth IRA ($4,000 in 2007) , as well as open and fully fund a Roth IRA for me. Read more [...]

Good Prospective Car Buyer – Follow-up

As a follow-up to my Good Prospective Car Buyer post, the lady ended up calling me to cancel the appointment because she bought a Mercedes.I was very disappointed at first, since she seemed so interested and needed a new car (her’s was totaled in an accident). I even began looking for a possible replacement vehicle online.My car runs and looks great, so this really isn’t a bit deal. I was just disappointed because I was already planning how we should invest the extra $150-$200 that we would be Read more [...]

April 2007 Income Statement

We went way over budget again. Darn it!To our credit, it was not because we spent frivolously. There were numerous one-time, annual, and prepayment expenditures that brought our total expenses for April to $7,581.50 (click on spreadsheet below).On the positive side, my wife netted an extra $1,147.24 in commissions, we had $127.55 in “other” income (see spreadsheet notes), and our interest income doubled to $11.08.May is forcasted to be a lighter month for us expense wise. If nothing unforseen Read more [...]

April 2007 Net Worth Update (+$3,145.07)

I didn't expect us to match our huge net worth increase in March, but we had a good net worth increase in April (click on the spreadsheet below). Our total net worth is now $6,438.50, well on our way to our 2007 goal of $22,000.Some highlights from April follow:The nice boost to our net worth this month came thru a $1,147.24 (after taxes) commission check that my wife earned. We deposited $630.00 into our Emigrant Direct savings account for Roth IRA funding (once we hit $3,000 will be moved into Read more [...]

Good Prospective Car Buyer

I have been trying to sell my car for awhile now in an effort to reduce our monthly expenses and increase our net worth. Currently, we pay $883 a month in car payments for our two vehicles.I spoke to a lady today who seems very interested. She called twice and sent me two emails within a 24 hour period. After a long discussion with her on the phone, we made a tentative plan to meet on Wednesday for her to see the car. She actually owned the same vehicle, but just totaled it in an accident. The good Read more [...]

What’s In Your Wallet?

I love Capital One’s "What’s in your wallet?" ad campaing; they’re consistantly funny. While I’m not going to sign up for their credit card just because I enjoy the commercials, they do ask a good question. So, here’s what’s in my wallet:Driver’s license – Of course.Picture of wife – Gotta have it.$10.00 bill – I prefer to pay using my cash back credit card, so I don’t carry much cash.Post-it note with Travelocity vocher code – Vocher code was given to me when Travelocity Read more [...]

RSS Feed

1MansMoney now has an RSS feed! I just learned about RSS feeds and love the convenience they provide. Inside of visiting your favorite blogs each day to see if there is new content, you can subscribe (for free) to your favorite blogs and visit one website to see updated content from all of them.To subscribe to 1MansMoney’s RSS feed, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of this webpage. You will be prompted to choose a reader (I use Google Reader) and create a user id and password. Read more [...]

Real Emergency Fund

I think it’s great to have an emergency fund for unexpected events, such as sickness or job loss. However, if there were ever an emergency that took out the power for a long period of time, such as a major earthquake, it is likely that we would be unable to access our saving accounts or use our credit cards. My wife and I rarely have more than $20 in cash on us, because we try to charge most of our expenses to our cash back credit cards. This puts us in a tough position if we needed to buy water Read more [...]