May 2020 Income Statement

In May, we had another great income month but a large expense month considering the income (see spreadsheet screenshot). 

Our total income in May was $11,589.40.  In addition to our regular paychecks, I received a third “extra” paycheck and a monthly bonus of $1,947.00 gross ($1,068.81 net).  My wife also received a $168.66 auto allowance / mileage reimbursements, and $58.99 in internet reimbursements.

This month, our expenses totaled only $15,460.79.  Large expenses included a $551.45 in phones/phone service, $1,150 in boat repairs, $1,623.51 in home maintenance.

Next month may be a massive month for us as my wife begins a new job at the end of the month making $15K more per year.  If it goes as planned, her old company will be paying her a large severance (~$95K), cashing out her stock options (~$30K), cashing out her 4 weeks of vacation (~$11K) and fully vesting her 401(K) company match (~$30K).  On top of all of that, she should receive a nice bonus (~$9K). Praying it all works out.

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