December 2019 Income Statement

In December, we had one of our largest income months ever and a reasonable expense month too, considering our income (see spreadsheet screenshot). Thank God for our blessings!

Our total income in December was an amazing $32,598.24!  This was our 3rd largest income month ever (larger months were: $37,327.14 in Feb 2014 and $35,641.77 in Sept 2017). In addition to our regular paychecks, I received a monthly bonus of $1,950 gross ($1,084.39 net) and my wife received a quarterly bonus of $19,500 gross ($11,806.56 net).  My wife also received $825.48 in auto allowance / mileage reimbursements and $46.99 in internet reimbursements.  To top it off, we sold some of my wife’s company stock for $11,052 gross ($7,410.72 gross).  We also earned $13.41 in interest income from our savings accounts.

This month, our expenses totaled $18.321.50.  That is a big expense month but still pretty reasonable considering this months income.  Big ticket items include $2,250 in tithing, $2,099 in household items and $728 in doctor visits and prescriptions

Next month begins a new year and with it, we should have a good income month due to my quarterly bonus.

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