January 2017 Income Statement

NOTE: I am posting our January income statement early because I will be busy training at my new job next week:)

January was an average income month and a surprisingly large expense month (see spreadsheet screenshot).

Our total income in January was $8,524.38.  My wife received her two regular paychecks and I received $1,800 in unemployment.  My wife also received $44.99 in company reimbursements and we unexpectedly received a $93.16 Annual Escrow Acct Disclosure Statement refund.  We also earned $4.08 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, our spending was higher than we would have liked, mostly due to a roof leak that resulted in a mold problem.  We spent a total of $14,069.10 in January.  Big ticket items include $2,736 in home repairs, $1,099 for a china cabinet, and $685 for our 20 year term life insurance (paid every six months).

Next month should be good.  I start my new job on January 30th and February will be my first full month at my new job!  In addition to my salary, I will receive a guaranteed bonus of $2,500/month for the first three months.

Jan 2017 Income Statement

2 thoughts on “January 2017 Income Statement”

  1. I just found your blog and honestly, I love it.

    This is the most detailed income/spending statement I’ve seen in the niche. Mine is way less detailed:

    congrats. I hope to worth with you soon, like a guest post or something!


  2. Thank you, Ben! It’s fun to look back on prior months/years and compare the numbers. Man, food is getting expensive!

    I’m headed over to your blog now 🙂

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