2023 was a great year financially. We were blessed to hit all five of our goals.  Below are the details.

We started 2023 with a net worth of $1,243,252 and our goal was to end the year with a net worth of $1,320,000 (our 2028 net worth goal).  We smashed this goal, ended 2023 with a net worth of $1,707,729.   This puts us well past our 2030 net worth goal of $1,590,000.

We started attending a new church in 2023 and are still feeling it out.  So far, so good and thankfully, we were able to reach our goal of giving $4,500 in 2023.  We gave a total of $8,494 in 2023.  

This was the first goal that we hit in 2023.  We contributed all $6,000 total to our kids’ 529 Plans ($3,000 for each child) by May 2023.  We contributed $3,150 to our 12 years old son’s 529 Plan and his current balance is $61,293.59.  We contributed $3,000 to our 9 years old daughter’s 529 Plan and her current balance is $41,798.4. 

We started 2023 with $10,353 in savings.  Our goal was to build our savings to $15,000 by the end of 2023 and we were able to exceed that reaching a $30,611 in savings.  This was possible due to success hitting goal #5, selling our boat. 

We bought a ski boat six years ago for $70,000 out the door.  It was a great way to enjoy quality time on the lake with the family but it was also a lot of work.  We decided to take advantage of the unusually high boat market and list our boat for sale.  We were able to sell it in May for $65,000, which was incredible and has funded family vacations and increased our savings.