Happy New Year!  Financially, 2021 was an amazing year, reaching almost all of our 2021 financial goals. In fact, we exceeded most of our goals by a large margin.  This is quite an achievement considering that I quit my job in October 2020.  Thank God it all worked out lol.  Thankfully, my wife has an amazing job that she is stellar at. Below are the results of our 2021 financial goals: 

1) Pass our 2028 Net Worth Goal – SUCCESS
We started 2021 with a net worth of $1,252,846 (7 years ahead of schedule) and hoped to pass our 2028 net worth goal of $1,320,000 by the end of the year.  We obliterated this goal reaching a net worth of $1,759,061 by the end of 2021. We were blessed to surpass our 2028 goal ($1,320K), 2029 goal ($1,450K), 2030 goal ($1,590K) and 2031 goal ($1,740K)!  We are now 10 years ahead of schedule for the net worth goals that we set for ourselves in 2007.

2) Give to church – SUCCESS
We set a goal of giving $3,600 to our church in 2021 and end up giving $6,748.  It feels great to have exceeded this goal!

3) Pay home mortgage down to under $200K – SUCCESS
We started 2021 with a $213K mortgage balance and were able to completely pay off our mortgage in August 2021 taking profits from some of our cryptocurrencies.  Another goal completely smashed! 

4) Contribute $4,000 to 529 Plans ($2,00 for each child) – SUCCESS
We ended 2020 with $37,958.69 in our son’s 529 Plan and $23,361.36 in our daughter’s 529 Plan. We planned to contribute $1,500 to each of their 529 Plans in 2021 and actually contributed $3,950 to our son’s and $3,990  to our daughters. We almost doubled our planned contributions!  They now have $53,343.31 and $34,671.16 in their 529 Plans, respectfully. 

5) Building savings account balance to $30,000 – FAIL
We started 2021 with $30,361.39 in savings and hoped to keep at least $30K in savings after paying property tax.  Due to a poorly timed investment (funded with some of our savings), we ended 2021 with $27,083 in savings.