2014 Net Worth Recap By Month

2014 net worth by month

I love reviewing our numbers to see how we got to where we are.  This screenshot is shows our net worth progress by month for 2014. Some highlights from include:

  • We increased our net worth from $245,457.24 to $296,126.38 ($50,669.14 increase), surpassing our 2014 net worth goal of $251K and our 2015 net worth goal of $296K (one year ahead of time).
  • We contributed $20,297.18 to our retirement accounts. Our total retirement account balance grew from $109,117.55 to $139,023.63 ($29,906.08 increase).
  • We increased our savings from $3,762.38 to $9,207.30 ($5,444.92 increase).
  • My wife took 3 months off (disability) for the birth of our daughter.
  • We opened a 529 Plan for our baby girl.
  • I left my company at the end of September to find a job that provides better work/life balance.
  • I rolled my 401(K) to a traditional IRA.
  • We sold “Car 2” and bought “Car 1”.
  • We put a couple of large purchases (including a $7K HVAC) on a 0% credit card.
  • We increased our debt from $390,184.30 to $400,314.63 ($10,130.33 increase).

3 thoughts on “2014 Net Worth Recap By Month”

  1. Great progress and congratulations on the newest member of the family! Happy times indeed.

    It looks like your savings goes up real high at least twice a year and then drops but doesn’t seem to go into another account. Is this built in vacation money? Emergencies? Just curious.

  2. Thanks Demetrius! Good eye on the savings figures! Here are some of the details:

    March – We canceled my wife’s ESPP contributions, withdrew our money in this investment, and received a $4,138.34 check (I mistakenly had the ESPP row hidden on the spreadsheet when I did the recap screenshot).

    April – We had a ton of large cash expenditures including a $1,000 loan to a family member (off the books because we don’t expect it back), a $313.95 speeding ticket, $300 to our tax accountant, and on and on…

    August – My wife received a quarterly bonus of $8,009.69 (net).

    September – I quit my job and we pulled $4,757.76 from savings to pay off the balance of my 401(k) loan.

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