Quarterly Bonus Update

I am so proud of my wife for passing her quarterly goal yesterday.  Her goal seemed unreachable at the beginning of the quarter, but she made it happen.  Besides the sense of achievement, this is great news for three reasons:

1) Her bonus plan pays $9,000 for reaching 100% of goal.  She passed 100% and is already up to ~$10,000 in bonus.  Plus, she still has the rest of December to add to the total.

2) After reaching her goal, she became eligible for other performance incentives offered by her company.  By way of these extra incentives, she has earned another $1,500 in rewards.

3) Due to her stellar performance all year, she made President’s Club!  The reward is $2,500 and an all-expense paid trip to an exotic locale.

In total, she has made ~$14,000 in bonus this quarter!  It will be exciting to see where the total ends up at the end of the month.  The bonus will be paid in February and will be a huge blessing to our family.