April Net Worth Update (+$2,859.25)

April was a pretty typical month, in a good way. Our net worth increased $2,859.25 from last month, to a total of $90,915.70 (click on spreadsheet below).

What Worked
My wife began her new job mid month. She also received her 2 week severance check from her old job. We contributed a total of $792.70 to our retirement accounts (401k’s and Roth IRA’s) and saw them increase $3,019.25! Wife’s 401(k) acct closed and transferred to IRA.

What Didn’t Work
As expected, we had a little catching up to do this month after paying $12,000 cash for our new (used) 4×4 last month and buying misc items for it.

Next Month
In addition to May being my wife’s first full month at her new job, my company informed us that they will be increasing our salaries back to the full amount beginning my first paycheck in May.