2010 Taxes

We paid a total of $2,025 in federal and state taxes last year. This year, we wanted to get help with our taxes because we had to account for our condo short sale. Thanks to a referral from a trusted friend, we met with our new tax accountant today and, boy, was it was worth it.

While we had less mortgage interest to deduct this year, he helped us find other deductions that we didn’t realize we were eligible for. We paid him $275 and he helped us receive a total refund (federal & state) of $4,111!

We should get the $4,111 refund via direct deposit in ~2 weeks. We plan to deposit the money into our savings account to build our emergency fund back up.

6 thoughts on “2010 Taxes”

  1. nice, i should see a tax accountant one of these days. i just use these free software for my taxes and might be missing a few deductions myself.

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