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December 2008 Income Statement

December was a big income month for us. In fact, it was our 2nd largest yet at $11,210.81 (click on spreadsheet below).In addition to our regular paychecks, I received a third "extra" paycheck and my wife received a huge $3,544.00 quarterly bonus ($2,028.95 net). We also received a $184.99 eye insurance refund, $150 reimbursement from my wife’s company, and we sold our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corp stock for $47.40 gain. We also earned $31.22 in interest income on our savings account.Even with Read more [...]

November 2008 Income Statement

We did a great job of keeping our standard monthly expenses very low in November (click on spreadsheet below). We spent a total of $6,910.14, but $2,331.14 of that was for non-standard expenses including $745 for 12 months of auto insurance, $439 for 12 months of condo insurance, and $1,169.14 for property taxes (1st of 2 payments).In addition to our regular paychecks, I sold back 4 days of vacation to my company for $870.43 We also earned $225 in cash back rewards, sold our 15 shares of Toyota stock Read more [...]

October 2008 Income Statement

While our net worth in October dropped considerably, our expenses for the month were pretty low (click on spreadsheet below). We spent a total of $ 6,165.89, which is good, especially considering we splurged on a $301.69 vacuum robot and a $196.18 hotel room for my wife while she was in Vegas.Our incomes this month were pretty standard. In addition to our paychecks, my wife received a $90.00 reimbursement from her company and we earned a $25 cash reward from our HSBC credit card. The interest income Read more [...]

September 2009 Income Statement

While our net worth dropped $3,310.51 in September, we nevertheless did a good job of keeping our expenses down (click on spreadsheet).Our total expenses were $6,894.11, surprisingly low considering we purchased a new table and chairs ($329), paid off the balance of Car 1 so we could sell it ($600), and had to have some plumbing work done ($75).In addition to our regular paychecks, we were able to pull in other income of $265.01 this month from two credit card rewards, a small refund check, and my Read more [...]

August 2008 Income Statement

August was our 2nd lowest month of expenses in this year (click on spreadsheet below). My wife was out of town 2-1/2 weeks for business and I was out of town 1 week for business; all of this business travel helped save us some money. While my wife was out of town, I was able to use her company car and gas card, saving us $125-$150 in gas.We had another strong income month, which is especially nice when combined with a low expense month. My wife earned an "extra" third check this month as well as Read more [...]

July 2008 Income Statement

We earned a total of $13,763.08 in July, by far our largest income month yet (click on spreadsheet below). Over 30% of this came from a huge $4,427.74 commission my wife received from her old company. The balance was a combination of my wife began receiving paychecks from her new better paying job, my third "extra" paycheck, $292.17 from my wife's company in reimbursements, and $19.81 in interest income.In addition to this great income month, we were able to keep our expenses pretty well inline. Read more [...]

June 2008 Income Statement

Not only was June the 2nd month yet in which our net worth decreased, it was also our 2nd largest month of expenses (click on spreadsheet below). The only month our expenses were greater was in November 2007, when they totaled $9176.12.We spent a total of $8,610.66 in June, but our income was only $6,324.00. Obviously, we do not want to make a habit of this, even if we did make enough money to support it. Large expenses included $1,071.09 for our vacation at the end of May (bill was due in June), Read more [...]

May 2008 Income Statement

I wish we could have kept our expenses at the same level as last month, but it didn't happen. We spent a good amount of money in May, but thankfully, we earned much more (click on spreadsheet below).In addition to our regular saleries, my wife received an "extra" paycheck, a $943.92 commission check, and a $89.10 mileage reimbursement check.Outside of our jobs, we earned a $50 Chase credit card cash back reward, $25 HSBC credit card reward, and our $1,200 economic stimulus check. Our E*TRADE savings Read more [...]

April 2008 Income Statement

We did a great job of staying within our budget this month (click on spreadsheet below). In fact, this is the least amount of money we have spent in quite awhile, which is great after last month.One of the few areas we went over budget was $222.30 in our Entertainment category because we had a couple of nights out with friends celebrating their birthdays. Incomewise, I received a 2.07% raise. My wife earned $466.91 in commissions and $40.80 in reimbursements. We also received a $66.65 cash back reward Read more [...]

March 2008 Income Statement

It’s scary sometimes how much we can spend in one month (click on spreadsheet below).Thank God for the extra money we brought in above our standard income. The largest amount of money was brought in by my Wife's in the form of a $1,292.50 commission check and a $188.54 mileage reimbursement check. We also received a $384.44 property tax refund, $60 from my parents, and $60 from selling a few things. All of this extra money kept us from spending more than we earned in March.Needless to say, we went Read more [...]