October 2020 Income Statement

In October, we had a good income month and a low expense month.  Sadly, I quit my job in October due to changes in my duties and compensation.  My last day was the 27th

Our total income in October was $19,982.02.  In addition to our regular paychecks, my wife and I both received a third “extra” paycheck.  I received a monthly draw/commission total of $4,402.34 gross ($3,010.54 net).  We received $232.95 in company reimbursements and $1,308.66 gross ($876.52 net) for my cashed out vacation.  Plus, we earned $17.41 in interest income from our savings accounts.

This month, our expenses totaled $14,105.04.  Not too bad but it will have to be reduced dramatically more next month since I am not working..  Large expenses included $772 for a trampoline, $516 for clothing, $406 in prescriptions, and $723 in vacation.

Next month I will begin looking for a new job.

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