October 2016 Income Statement

Even though I was laid off on 10/3/16, October was a great income month.  Thankfully, we were also able to keep our expenses down as well (see spreadsheet screenshot).

Our total income in October was $14,112.96.  My wife received her normal two paychecks.  I received one regular paycheck, a $1,690.64 bonus check, a $1,254.25 check for cashed out vacation + 4 extra days, and a $1,795.50 severance check.  I received $1,350 in unemployment in October.  My wife received $114.98 in company reimbursements. We earned $2.37 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, we finally got our spending down, although not as low as it needs to be.  We spent a total of $11,108.99.  Big ticket items include $2,000 down payment for a new (used) car and $1,707 for groceries & dinning.

Next month will be tight.  It will be my first full month on unemployment (in my life) and we will be relying on my wife’s income almost exclusively.  Thankfully, my wife should be receiving a large quarter bonus (~10K gross) in December.  If I don’t have a job by then, that will help buy us some time.

oct 2016 income statement

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