September 2016 Income Statement

September was a good income month and a huge expense month (see spreadsheet screenshot).

Our total income in September was $11,971.21.  In addition to our paychecks, my wife received a quarterly bonus of $4,642 gross ($2,619.66 net).  She also received $50 in company reimbursements. We earned $4.36 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, we spent a total of $17,211.79.  Big ticket items include $3,973 in furniture and maintenance, $1,062 in giving, and $614 in entertainment.  We spent a ton of money on a music festive, housewarming party, birthday party, house décor & furniture, and much more.

Next month will be equally wild.  I was told on 9/29 that my entire team is being laid off on 10/3.  It sucks we spent so much in September.  I will receive 3 weeks severance, ~7 days PTO cashed out, and ~$2,400 (gross) bonus.

income statement sept 2016

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