What’s In Your Wallet?

I love Capital One’s “What’s in your wallet?” ad campaing; they’re consistantly funny. While I’m not going to sign up for their credit card just because I enjoy the commercials, they do ask a good question. So, here’s what’s in my wallet:

Driver’s license – Of course.
Picture of wife – Gotta have it.
$10.00 bill – I prefer to pay using my cash back credit card, so I don’t carry much cash.
Post-it note with Travelocity vocher code – Vocher code was given to me when Travelocity made a mistake on a trip. I keep forgeting to use this; I don’t even know if it is still valid.
Jambacard – Jamba Juice gift card that probably has $0.73 left on it. I love smoothies!
Blockbuster Membership Card – Gets us movies.
Blockbuster Online E-Coupon for a free movie – We receive these monthly as part of our Total Access membership
PetsMart PetPerks Card – Gets us discounts on all of the stuff we buy for our puppy.
VonsClub Card – I never do the grocery shopping, so I don’t know why I have this.
Passport Service Information Card – In case I lose my passport.
AAA Roadside Assitance Card – In case I have car trouble.
500 minute PrePaid Phone Card – In case I don’t have cell phone service or change to make a phone call.
Health Net Insurance Card – Needed for doctor visits.
Optometrist’s business card – I must have grabbed this during my last visit.
Citi Dividend MasterCard – Cash back rewards card used for household expenses.
HSBC Platinum MasterCard – Cash back rewards card used for business expenses.
Mellon Commerical Visa Card – Company credit card, rarely used since I prefer to place charges on my cash back credit card and get reimbursed.
San Diego County Credit Union Visa Card – I do not use, but has a $10,000 credit limit and long payment history.
San Diego County Credit Union ATM Card – Used to access our joint savings account.
Washington Mutual Gold Debit Card – Used to access our joint checking account.
Bank of America Platinum Check Card – Used to access my personal checking account.

What have I learned from this exercise? That I have too many cards! I am ditching the following:
San Diego County Credit Union ATM Card – we only have $50 in the account to keep it open so that we can have access to the credit union for future auto loans.
Optometrist’s business card – the phone number is already programmed into my cell phone.
VonsClub Card – I don’t use it.

Picture me holding a 4” thick wallet, with a funny expression on my face, as I throw these 3 cards into the trash can, and say in a grumpy voice, “What’s in your wallet?”

2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet?”

  1. You know the only reason why I don’t like carrying cash is because I have the unfortunate habit of losing it all the time. lol. By the looks of things you’ve got one hefty wallet! haha.

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