Target Retirement Date

Our ideal target retirement date is 2027, twenty years from now, when I am 52 and my wife is 43. Realistically, this goal is going to be a stretch, but we have a long enough time frame that I think it is possible under favorable conditions.

If we believe that we can live on $60,000/year when we retire, then using a 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), our nest egg goal is $1.5M. However, with inflation averaging 3.43% annually, our nest egg may need to be substantially larger.

We will refine and better define our plans/goal as time goes on. Some other challenges in reaching our goal include being able to purchase (and pay off) a home and finding affordable long term health care. Our desire to have children will also affect our saving/investing rate, but won’t stop us from having them.

I guess if I have to work until 53, I could live with that.

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  1. hey keep in mind that 60k in 2007 dollars = $30,565 in 2027 discounting at 3.43% inflation rate. that’s not alot of money

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