Good Prospective Car Buyer

I have been trying to sell my car for awhile now in an effort to reduce our monthly expenses and increase our net worth. Currently, we pay $883 a month in car payments for our two vehicles.

I spoke to a lady today who seems very interested. She called twice and sent me two emails within a 24 hour period. After a long discussion with her on the phone, we made a tentative plan to meet on Wednesday for her to see the car. She actually owned the same vehicle, but just totaled it in an accident. The good news is that her insurance company gave her a check to get a new vehicle.

Of all of the prospective buyers I’ve had, this one seems the most determined and able. In fact, she told me if someone makes me an offer before we meet on Wednesday, that I should call her. I am selling the car for $18,000 and plan to purchase a vehicle (with similar mileage) that costs $11,000-$12,000. This should reduce my monthly payments by roughly $150 and also reduce my insurance costs. Wish me luck!

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