First, some background information

My amazing wife and I have been married for one year. When we met over two years ago, I was in bad shape financially. I owed $27,000+ in credit card debit and $4,000 to my parents. My problem was that I always spent more than I earned, and figured that I’d just catch up later. Unfortunately, later never seemed to arrive. My wife (girlfriend at the time) woke me up to the fact that I was in over my head, and I needed to change my ways and pay off my debt.

Substantial progress was made (another post, another time) and I am happy to report that we were able to by a one bedroom condo last year. As a new home owner, I began doing more financial research online, and stumbled across an early retirement forum that got me hooked on the idea of financial independence. From that point, I began scouring the web for tips and tricks on how to get ahead and have our money work for us. I plan to share with you what I’ve learned thru long nights glued to my laptop. Believe me though, it is an education in progress. Thankfully, my wife is completely onboard and, in a lot of ways, leading the way for us.

Just getting started

We are a young couple in Southern California, I’m in my early thirties and my wife is in her early twenties (lucky me). I plan to use this blog to outline our path from a negative net worth to financial independence and early retirement. I’ll rely on all of you to act as a sounding board for us. If something we scheme up is completely out of left field, please let me know. In turn, I hope you will find in this blog strategies that you can use to improve your own financial picture.

Our path to financial independence and retiring early.