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April 2007 Net Worth Update (+$3,145.07)

I didn’t expect us to match our huge net worth increase in March, but we had a good net worth increase in April (click on the spreadsheet below). Our total net worth is now $6,438.50, well on our way to our 2007 goal of $22,000.

Some highlights from April follow:

  • The nice boost to our net worth this month came thru a $1,147.24 (after taxes) commission check that my wife earned.
  • We deposited $630.00 into our Emigrant Direct savings account for Roth IRA funding (once we hit $3,000 will be moved into Vanguard 500 Index Fund Inv). We also restarted my company 401(k), albeit at a measly 2% of my gross pay. Our retirement investment focus for 2007 is to fully fund our Roth IRA’s, and put any “extra” money into my 401(k) plan.
  • We paid off our American Express credit card.
  • I took $50 from my April fun money ($180/month) and deposited it into our ING Direct account. I hope to get $500 saved up to speculate with in the stock market (more for fun/education than as an investment purposes).
  • We had numerous large expenses in April (noted in the spreadsheet) that totaled $1,219.45.

I have added a 2007 net worth goal meter to the blog (upper right hand corner) that will provide a quick reference on our progress.

Thank God for the great month and hopefully we can duplicate it again in May.

March 2007 Net Worth Update (+$6,462.28)

A lot of progress was made since our February 2007 Net Worth update. We have a positive net worth! Thank God! It’s a great feeling to finally have a positive net worth, even if it is only $3,293.43.

I can’t believe we were able to post a $6,462.28 change (click on spreadsheet below) to our net worth in one month. Over half of this increase was due to our Federal and State tax refunds ($2,044) and my wife receiving a $1,463 tuition reimbursement.

Here are the highlights from March:

  • Our 401(k) has recovered pretty well from the $1,000 hit it took during the February stock market plunge
  • We have $100 (starting small) invested in prosper at an average rate of 12.23%.
  • Our emergency fund was given needed attention
  • We made some serious headway on paying down our credit card debt. All of the remaining credit card debt is on 0% interest credit cards
  • My wife’s student loan balance also was hacked down by the tuition reimbursement that she received

I don’t expect us to be able to keep up this kind of a pacing in the coming months, but we’ll sure try.

February 2007 Net Worth

I will be updating our net worth on this blog at the end of every month.

Below is our net worth for February 2007 (click on spreadsheet). I realize we’re half way thru March already but wanted to use this as a starting point. As you can see, we currently have a negative net worth. Nowhere to go from here but up.

February Notes:
Purchase price used for condo value