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God Takes Good Care of Us

My wife has always counted on God to help her when she needs to find a new job and it’s amazing to watch Him make things work out. Here are just a few examples from the past week:

She was informed on Wednesday that the company she interviewed with last month had decided to hire her, but unfortunately, the company was purchased and the new Owners will not be bringing any new employees onboard. It was sad that she was so close, but good to know that her interviewing skills are still sharp. Plus, this company may decide to hire her at some point down the road.

While we had hoped that she could seamlessly transition to a new job, it wasn’t in the cards. However, she received her final check from her company yesterday and it was much, much more than we thought it would be. She expected to receive 3 days pay for the end of December and 3 days of pay for her cashed in vacation time. Well, the check was for 13 days of pay for the end of December and 3 days of pay for her vacation time. After taxes and a $121 contribution to her 401(k), the check came to $2,150.26! This as a huge blessing and will buy us even more time while my wife looks for a new job.

My wife also received a call from a friend who offered her $360 if she would help her with her work one day this month. That’s good money for one day’s worth of work. My wife offered to help this friend last year when she was in a pinch, and although she did not accept the offer, she did remembered it and is now returning the favor.

My wife filed for unemployment last week and received a call from them yesterday. The lady told her that if she waited just one week, it would put her in a higher income quarter from which they calculate her benefits. This small suggestion had a big impact on her benefits, as they increased from $375/week to $450/week. Granted, she will miss out on one unemployment check because of the delay, but it will only take a few weeks to make up the missed check.

And finally, my wife has begun watching our neighbor’s child will probably earn $120 or more this month for just a few hours of work. Our neighbor’s child is a very good kid and my wife can take care of her and search online for jobs at the same time.

We’re confident that God will provide my wife with a great new job, but in the meantime, He’s taking pretty good care of us.

A Little Breathing Room

I spoke with boss today about my wife being laid off and my concerns about decreasing sales at my company. He agreed that things are bad and said there will likely be another reduction in workforce in January or February. Thankfully, he told me that I am a core manager and would be one of the last people let go.

We discussed other areas I can contribute while the product line I manage is in the dumps. I was very encouraged to learn that I have a bit more job security than I had thought, although my boss was careful to say that nothing in this world is guaranteed. If we do have another layoff in the next couple of months, my boss indicated that we may also go to a 4 day work week with a 20% reduction in pay. That would be tough, especially with my wife on unemployment, but it’s still doable and better than the alternative.

Oh, and in other good news, my wife already has a job interview lined up for Thursday. What a blessed day!

The Unemployment Rate Just Went Up A Tad

My wife was informed this morning that her last day with her company will be December 31st. We were expecting it, but now it is real.

She is already on top of the search for a new job having updated her resume and cover letter last week and requested letters of recommendation. She even applied to a few companies over the weekend and updated her profile on job search websites.

We’ve begun taking a look at were we can dramatically reduce our monthly expenses and have started gathering information on unemployment. My wife has a few vacation days that she will cash in before her last day. More importantly, my wife found out on Friday that she will receive a $3,544 quarterly bonus on 12/15. Thank God for his perfect timing. She also learned that she will receive another quarterly bonus in March, even though she will not be with the company.

With ~$450/week for employment and earning the rare buck or two baby sitting our neighbors child, we shouldn’t have to pull any money from savings for quite some time.

There’s a lot happening right now, I’ll keep you posted.

Severance Package

After returning to work from my business trip, I found out that my company ended up laying off 7 employees (1 more than my manager told me). I was surprised by a couple of the employees chosen for the reduction in force, especially a woman who had been with the company for nearly 20 years and appeared to be a hard worker.

It’s never a good time to be let go, but right before Thanksgiving has to be one of the harder times of the year to lose your job. Many companies operate on a skeleton crew during the holiday season because everyone is on vacation. I have to think this is not an ideal interviewing time, especially with the unemployment rates increasing because of the economic downturn. I hope they are able to find new jobs quickly.

I learned that the employees were given 1 week of severance for each year of employment. Should the worst ever happen to me, it’s comforting to know that I may get the same package. That would be ~7-1/2 weeks of severance for me. I’m going to work my tail off to ensure that it never comes to that though. God willing.

1st Layoffs At My Company

I will be on a business trip in Europe next week, so my boss took me to lunch today to let me know that our company will be laying off 6 employees next Friday. We’re a small company, so this represents 15% of our employees. They are basically cutting one employee from each department. I did not find out who will be let go, but was assured it won’t be me or my sales representative.

To survive during this tough economic time, my company is going to continue to dramatically reduce expenses. The Owner of the company has recently quit taking a paycheck, and my boss and our controller took a 20% reduction in pay. If things keep getting worse, my company may move to a 4 day work week and ask all employees to take a 20% cut in pay. Quite frankly, I’d much prefer that to loosing my job.
I feel bad knowing that some of my co-workers/friends are going to be out of a job next week. I thank God that I made it thru this first cut and hope my company is able to get through these tough times.

On a related note, my wife’s company will be having a big shake-up in December. Her boss, who has been with the company 23 years, has already been informed that his position will no longer exist. He was able to find a rep position to move to in the company in December, but new employees, like my wife, won’t know where they stand until December.

These are scary times. In addition to praying for our companies and jobs, we’ve cut expenses and tried to bolster our savings. It looks like we should plan to tighten our belts a bit further.

Let the Good Times Roll

During training this week my wife learned quite a bit about the company, her position, and the products she will be selling. While challenging, this new career is already living up to her expectations. Her manager has also done an amazing job of taking care of the new sales reps including providing very nice hotel rooms and meals.

My wife found out this week that her company will be providing a few more perks they had not mentioned before. Each month, they will give her $60 towards a cell phone, $60 towards internet service, $50towards office supplies and up to $100 for a mini storage unit (for her samples). They also gave her a laptop, docking station, printer for her home office – perfectly timed because our printer is on the fritz.

I am amazed at how well her new company is taking care of her to ensure that she feels like part of the familiy, is properly trained, and has the tools necessary to do the job. Let the Good Times Roll

A New Chapter Begins

My wife began her new job today; it’s exciting to get this new chapter in her (our) life started.

She will be spending the first couple of months learning the products. Then, she’ll be heading out into the field to meet with the doctors. Her company has provided her with a rental car until her new company car is ready. She should also receive her company gas card this week. Her first paycheck will arrive on 7/4 and will tell us exactly how much extra we can invest, save, and use to pay down our 2nd mortgage. Exciting stuff!

Her old company had a nice send off for her on Friday, including giving her a gift card and taking her out to lunch. Not only was that very nice of them, it’s a good indication that they will pay her the final commissions she is do. She hopes to receive the large ~$4,000 commission in mid July.

My wife is leading the way in our quest for financial freedom. I’m going to do my best to try to keep up.

Transitioning to the New Career

My wife starts her new career on the 16th, and gave her two week notice at her current job on Monday. Although her boss fought her a bit, she was able to negotiate keeping all of the commissions that she has earned, but not been paid on yet. This includes a large ~$4,000 commission that should come in around August, once the company has been paid by their customer. This is such a blessing. We were worried that they might try not to pay her the commissions and/or let her go immediately rather than pay her for the final two weeks.

My wife receives her new company car before her start date, so we plan to put her car up for sale this week and hope to sell it within the next few weeks. This will save us $450/month in car payments and $150-$200/month in gas.

Her first paycheck from the new job will be deposited on July 4th. With the increased income combined with the money we will be saving on the car, we want to restart our 2nd mortgage accelerated payment plan by paying an extra $400/month to principle. In addition, we will apply ~$12,000 of her $20,000 annual bonuses towards the 2nd mortgage. We’re hope to have the 2nd mortgage paid off by July 2010 and begin saving for a down payment with a goal of purchasing a home by July 2012. We also plan to increase our tithe, contribute 6% of her salary to the company 401(k) that includes a 25% match up to 6%, and deposit $200/month into our savings account. The only deliberate increase in lifestyle will be an extra $20/month each for fun money.

This new career is such a blessing in so many ways. My wife will be working in a field she is passionate about, earning greater pay, working out of our home, and receiving amazing benefits/perks. I am very impressed and proud of her success, especially at such a young age. Because of this opportunity, we will be able to go after multiple goals (increasing our tithe, paying off our 2nd mortgage, increasing our savings, and adding to our retirement savings) much sooner than expected.

My Wife Is Beginning a New Career

My wife has enjoyed working at her current job, but has always wanted to have a career in a health related sales field. Since college, she has focused on learning about this competitive industry and what it takes to get into it. Long story short, over the past four weeks, she has been in a series of interviews with a company and yesterday, received an offer. . . and accepted!

This is such a blessing and something we have been praying for for quite awhile. I am very happy that my wife will be able to work in the industry she is passionate about. Her hard work and persistence paid off.

This new job will also greatly increase our household income. Check it out:

  • $52,500 base salary
  • $20,000+ annual bonus
  • $20,000 annually for entertaining clients
  • Company car and gas card
  • Computer
  • Matching 401(K) plan
  • Excellent health and dental insurance
  • 3 weeks vacation

She starts next month and already really likes her future co-workers.

It’s Good To Know We Were Prepared

Great news! My wife has accepted the job offer that she was considering. We are very blessed in that she was offered the job within 2 days of being laid off from her last company. After meeting with them again this morning to learn more about the company and the job, she decided it was a good fit. She starts with them on Tuesday of next week.

Her first 2 months with the company are training, but there may still be an opportunity for her to earn some commission during this time because she inherits all existing accounts in her protected territory. Any accounts that are due to renew service, she receives a commission for.

I am very proud of her. You hear horror stories of people being out of work for months on end. Within a week, she interviewed with numerous companies and received quite a few call backs for second interviews.

Since she received a new job so quick, and her old company agreed to pay her until 9/5, we will not experience any paycheck lapse. Therefore, our emergency fund will remain untouched and we’re moving forward. I’ve got to say, it’s good to know we were prepared for the worst in case things worked out differently.

This concludes this test of the Emergency Broadcast System.