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Life is Short…Don’t Forget To Live

My friend's father has owned a shoe repair shop as long as I have known him (30+ years).  He was always so nice to us kids when we were growing up, that it didn't surprise me to learn that he would bring coffee every morning to the owner of the gun store next to his shop. On Friday, he stopped by the gun store with coffee and interrupted a robbery in progress.  One of the two robbers pushed my friend's 85-year-old father to the ground, fracturing his skull.  He was pulled off life support Read more [...]

Nanny Costs…$20,800/year

We have a nanny that watches our 3-years-old son and 6-month-old daughter during the day.  We pay her $80/day or $400/week.  That's $1,600/month for typical months and $2,000/month for longer, 5 week months.  Annually, we're paying $20,800 to our nanny.  Not a large income, but it's a huge sum of money for us.I've seen a number of articles stating that daycare costs more than college.  I'm not sure about that, but it's pricey indeed.  We have Read more [...]

$1,000 bonus – spent!

My wife and I already spent her unexpected $1,000 bonus she learned about on Thursday. Yeah, it didn't take us long.We purchased a new bedroom set yesterday for $920 including tax, delivery and set-up. The photo below is of the complete set, but we only purchased the bed, nightstand, and the dresser (without the mirror).We had planned to pull money out of savings to get a bedroom set, so word of her extra bonus came at a perfect time.-1MansMoney Read more [...]

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to my Dad and all of the vets out there!My Dad joined the Army as a young man and was the first recruit in Los Angeles to earn a perfect score on his entrance exam. I remember as a kid looking thru my Dad’s boot camp photo album at the photos of them firing rifles, throwing grenades, and crawling through obstacle courses. That was back when they really fired live ammo over your head as you crawled in mud under barbed wire. Because of my Dad’s high test scores, he served Read more [...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

My wife and I just returned from spending Christmas with her Mom (yesterday) and her Dad (today). It was a lot of fun, as always. We were talking on the drive home about how lucky we are to have such great families.

On a financial note, we were able to keep our gift shopping within reason this year.

RSS Feed

1MansMoney now has an RSS feed! I just learned about RSS feeds and love the convenience they provide. Inside of visiting your favorite blogs each day to see if there is new content, you can subscribe (for free) to your favorite blogs and visit one website to see updated content from all of them.To subscribe to 1MansMoney’s RSS feed, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of this webpage. You will be prompted to choose a reader (I use Google Reader) and create a user id and password. Read more [...]

Disclaimer’s disclaimer:

If it’s not completely obvious, I am NOT a financial professional. The information you find on this site should not be considered financial advice. Before making financial decisions, do your own homework or hire a certified financial planner (if you’re lazy).

First, some background information

My amazing wife and I have been married for one year. When we met over two years ago, I was in bad shape financially. I owed $27,000+ in credit card debit and $4,000 to my parents. My problem was that I always spent more than I earned, and figured that I’d just catch up later. Unfortunately, later never seemed to arrive. My wife (girlfriend at the time) woke me up to the fact that I was in over my head, and I needed to change my ways and pay off my debt.Substantial progress was made (another post, Read more [...]