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Credit Scores Creeping Up

I neglected to mention that I ordered an Equifax credit report for my wife and myself last month. I had meant to run our credit reports more often, but have totally neglected this. Thankfully, the reports came back without any issues.I also ordered our credit scores. Mine was 780 and my wife's was 764. We have been able to steadily increase our scores to the current level (click on the tables below to see our current and previous scores). The only reason my wife's score is lower than mine is because Read more [...]

Credit Score Update

Another benefit of buying a new (used) vehicle is that I was able to get updated credit scores from Experian and Equifax thru a couple of the car dealers. Best of all, my scores were they highest they have ever been.Experian: 784Equifax: 756My understanding is that your credit score for financing a car may be different than your credit score for, say, financing real estate because they are calculated slightly differently. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have current credit reports to review for any Read more [...]

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

My wife and I order our credit reports and credit scores from time to time to keep tabs on things, and, more importantly, make sure we are not the victims of identity theft.Below is a table (click on spreadsheet) that I began compiling recently of our credit score track record. BTW, I received numerous copies of my credit reports in 2005 because we were preparing to purchase our condo. As you can see, my score dropped considerably around 3/31/05 because I was disputing a collection on my record. Read more [...]