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Free Money Each Month

My wife and I try to charge as many of our expenses as possible to our cash back reward credit cards. Not only do we get cash back, but charging expenses to our credit cards helps with our cash flow situation. Of course, we make sure we pay the credit cards off each month so that we don’t incur interest charges. We each have our own cash back credit card that we use for business expenses as well as a joint cash back credit card that we use for household expenses. We earned a total of Read more [...]

Attacking Credit Card Debt

Having credit card debt sucks. It was one of the most stressful times I’ve experienced. In order to pay off my credit card debt, I found I had to attack it every minute of the day through learning, strategizing, and sacrificing. After awhile, the progress I was making paying down my credit cards was almost as much as I had racking up the debt. I’d scrounging for a couple of extra dollars just so I could send it to the credit card companies to see the balance go down. Here’s a strategy I think Read more [...]

Well Rewarded

We just reached our $300 cash back reward maximum for the year on Citi credit card. We did a good job of charging as many expenses as possible to this card to earn the 1-3% cash reward.

For the rest of the calendar year, we’ll be switching to our American Express reward credit card, which we typically only use for Costco. Switching to this card for a couple of months will be a bit inconvenient, but I hate the thought of giving up free money.

Citibank Wants To Give Me Money?

I used to have a ton of credit card debit (click this link to read the details). Thankfully, those days are long behind me. While I never got behind in any of my credit card payments, keeping track of the statements/payments for 6-7 credit cards was tough.Well, it turns out that back in 2004, I overpaid my Citibank credit card when closing the account. I guess I moved addresses immediately after closing the account, because Citibank lost contact with me. Last week, I received a letter from Citibank Read more [...]

Well Rewarded

I love cash back rewards credit cards! My wife and I both have cash back rewards cards that we use for business expenses (reimbursed by our companies) as well as a separate cash back rewards card we use for our household expenses. We are able to charge 30% of our total monthly household expenses to the cash back reward card each month.If you don't currently have a rewards credit card, and you are able to properly manage your credit card debt, I recommend looking into it. My wife was the mastermind Read more [...]

Paid Off Last Off Credit Card Debt

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. My wife and I just returned from spending the holiday with my family. It was a blast! Great food and good times.In financial news, my wife and I decided today to pay off our 0% interest Chase credit card balance (the last of our credit card debt). This credit card had a clause that if we were late with a payment, they could back-charge us interest. We didn't want to have that hanging over our heads any longer. Better yet, we also wanted to start 2008 with Read more [...]

Cash Back Credit Card

As I have mentioned before, my Wife and I use our Citi Dividend Platinum Select credit card most of our monthly expenses. We receive 1%-2% cash rewards for these purchases and have been averaging a $50 cash back check every two months. It’s free money for bills we have to pay anyways. Plus, charging the expenses to a credit card helps with our monthly cash flow.Citi Bank recently sent us a special referral offer. If you would like to sign up for a Dividend Platinum Select credit card, I can request Read more [...]

Cash Back Credit Cards

My wife and I pay most of our monthly bills using our Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard cash back credit card. We pay for our groceries, gas, cable/internet, gifts, etc. using the card. We have also arranged to have my Wife's medical insurance bill, my cell phone bill, and our Blockbuster Total Access bill automatically charged to the card each month. There are only a few things that we can't charge to the cash back card such as our mortgages, HOA dues, and auto loans.We have been averaging Read more [...]

Paying Off Our Chase Credit Card

My wife and I get paid every two weeks, therefore, there are two months of the year that we both receive three checks. Next month is one of those months for my wife. We have decided to use her extra check, $1,161.67, to pay off our Chase credit card. Mathematically, this is not the right move since the card is 0% interest until March 2009. We’d be better off depositing the money into our Emigrant Direct account earning 5.05% APY and stretching the Chase credit card payments out to take advantage Read more [...]

Gotta Love Easy Money

I just received confirmation from HBSC that our $25 cash back redemption request has been received, and our check will arrive within 15 business days. Not a big sum of money, but the only thing I had to do to earn it was charge my business trip expenses to my HBSC rewards Mastercard (which my company immediately reimburses me for). My wife and I also have a Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard that we use for most of our household expenses. The card is paid off monthly and earns us up to 5% cash Read more [...]