Slight Change In Plan

As I posted before, we have begun our 2nd mortgage accelerated payment plan. However, we are deviating from our plan a bit this month by not paying 100% of my extra check ($1859.07) to the 2nd mortgage. Instead, it will be spent as such:

$500.00 to 2nd mortgage
$785.00 to savings account
$100.00 to my Roth IRA
$474.07 to checking

I can rationalize the deviation from our plan because I found out that I will be receiving 3 months with 3 paychecks in 2008, one more than our 2nd mortgage payment plan is based on.

The money is being put to good use. We wanted to increase our savings to ensure we had more than enough to pay for our income taxes. We also wanted to bolster our checking account balance because our February mortgage payment will be due before we receive our 1st paycheck in February. We need a large enough balance to get us by until February 8th.

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