Sold One Car, Bought Another

After 3+ months of trying, we were able to sell Car 1 over the weekend. We sold it to help reduce our monthly expenses and allow us to tow a ski boat my father-in-law is giving us. So, after the selling the car, we bought a used truck.

The 2001 truck only has 55,000 miles, 11,000 less than the 2002 car we sold. We will save $140/month on car payments and $15.66/month on auto insurance. This money will be deposited into our Emigrant Direct savings account each month. An added bonus is the truck gets the same gas mileage as the car we sold.

My wife did a great job of getting us an awesome interest rate at a local credit union. She was able to secure a 5.49% rate by taking advantage of a membership discount, direct deposit discount, and auto pay discount. We’re also getting a gas card because she was referred by a friend. To contrast that, other credit unions and the dealerships were quoting us 6.90% – 7.25%.

One change to our plans is that we will not be paying off our 0% interest credit card, but instead, use the money to repay $1,000 that we had to take out of savings for the car transactions. Of this money, $523.16 was used to pay off a balance on the car we sold (we sold it for a bit less than we owed), $30.00 was used to smog the car we sold, and the balance was used as a down payment on the car we purchased.

I love my new (used) truck, and we’re saving money at the same time. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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