January 2021 Income Statement

In January, we had a pretty typical income month and expense month. Our total income in January was $10,629.15.  In addition to my wife’s regular paychecks, she received $137.98 in company reimbursements.  I received $2,700 in unemployment (includes extra $300/week extra stimulus money). We earned $11.45 in interest income from our savings accounts. This month, our expenses totaled $9,613.57.  Large, non-recurring expenses included $1,106 for a cruise down payment, $685 for Read more [...]

January 2021 Net Worth Update (+$76,949)

Overall January was another great net worth month. At one point, our net worth surpassed $1,370K, but retracked a bit towards the end of the month.  Our net worth increased $76,949.49 from last month to a total of $1,329,796.32 (see spreadsheet screenshot). Retirement Accounts Our retirement accounts are comprised of our 401(k)s, our Roth IRAs and our Traditional IRAs.  We contribute 6% to my wife’s 401(k).  My wife’s company matches up to 6% of her 401(K) contribution Read more [...]

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