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We passed our net worth milestones of $630,000 last month and I didn’t realize it! We’ve been blessed with a new net worth milestone ($10K increments) each month this year. We passed our previous net worth milestone of $620,000 in October.

Our net worth is currently $632,159.81.  I will update our chart on the right at the end of the month.  We hope to hit our next net worth goal of $640,000 in December.

July 2016 Income Statement

July was another very good income month but also another huge expense month (see spreadsheet screenshot). Our total income in June was $15,115.91.  In addition to our paychecks, we each received a third “extra” paycheck.  I also received a monthly bonus of $830.60 gross ($453.06 net) and $662.49 in auto allowance and mileage reimbursement.  My wife received a $50 in company reimbursements.  We earned $4.29 in interest income from our savings account. This month, we spent a total of Read more [...]

February 2016 Net Worth Update (-$1,553.71)

Overall In January, our net worth decreased $1,553.71 to a total of $328,841.32 (see spreadsheet screenshot). My wife started her new job at the end of February but will not get her first paycheck until March. Retirement Accounts Our retirement accounts are comprised of my wife’s 401(k), my 401(k), our Roth IRAs and our Traditional IRAs.  We contribute 5% to my wife’s 401(k) and 15% to my 401(k).  My wife’s company matches up to 5% of her 401(K) contribution and chips in an additional Read more [...]

January 2016 Net Worth Update (+$179.62)

Overall In January, our net worth increased $179.62 to a total of $331,293.56 (see spreadsheet screenshot). My wife and her team were laid off on December 31st but she received a severance and quarterly bonus in January.  My wife is such a superstar that she already landed a new job that starts in February making the same salary ($130K), a similar target bonus ($35K), two months off per year, car/laptop/phone, and her new company contributes 10% of her annual salary into her 401(k).  Such Read more [...]

May 2014 Net Worth Update (+6,563.66)

In May, our net worth increased $6,563.66 to a total of $281,796.60 (click on spreadsheet below).   What Worked Our second child was born this month!  She is a happy and healthy little girl.  We feel so blessed!  In addition to popping out a baby, my wife received a $13,140.00 gross ($7,080.03 net) quarterly bonus!  We contribution at total of $1,016.16 to our retirement accounts and saw them increase $3,813.59.  We also contributed $150 to our son’s 529 Plan Read more [...]

February 2014 Income Statement

February was a record breaking income month for us and a pretty reasonable expense month (see attached spreadsheet).Our total income in February was $37,327.14.  This blew away our previous best income month of $25,449.19 in December 2011.  In addition to our regular paychecks, my wife received a $66,600 gross ($27,808.32 net) quarterly bonus.  She also received a $600 auto allowance, and a $100 company reimbursement for internet service.  We earned $1.52 in interest income from Read more [...]