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February 2009 Net Worth Update (-$2,630.57)

February saw a decline in our net worth. It was reduced $2,630.57 from last month to $39,383.12 (click on spreadsheet below).What worked:Our prayers were answered and my wife found a new job that pays her more than her old job and has better benefits.What did not work:My employer implemented a company wide salary reduction resulting in a 10% salary cut for me on 2/25. Initially, I was expecting a 20-25% reduction in pay, so the 10% reduction is much more bearable. We also contributed $657.47 total Read more [...]

January 2009 Net Worth Update (-$70.00)

January was a somewhat neutral month for us. Our net worth was reduced $70.00 from last month to $42,013.69 (click on spreadsheet below).What worked:We contributed $771.00 total to our retirement accounts (401k and Roth IRAs), although they only increased over last month by $385.61. We also deposited $900 in our savings account.What did not work:We pulled $1,169.14 out of savings for our 2nd property tax payment (this was a planned expense). We also pulled $1,484 out of savings to purchase 106 shares Read more [...]

2008 Net Worth Recap

2008 was a great year, even with the very rough economy. Below is a table compiling our net worth data for 2008 (click on table to enlarge). Some highlights from 2008 include:We increased our net worth from $23,873.25 to $ 42,083.69. We missed our net worth goal of $47,800.00 by $5,716.31, but still made good progress.We increased our savings account balance from $4,629.57 to $15,651.73. This cash will help provide us some security while my wife looks for a new job.We contributed $6,250.00 total Read more [...]

December 2008 Net Worth Update (+6,906.48)

Since we will be traveling for the holidays, I am posting our December net worth a bit early.Our net worth in December increased $6,906.48 over last month to $42,083.69 (click on spreadsheet below). This is one of our strongest monthly increases yet and is a nice change from the decrease in our net worth over the last 3 months. Unfortunately, even with this very strong month, we came up $5,716.31 short of our 2008 net worth goal of $47,800. All things considered, with this economy, that's not too Read more [...]

November 2008 Net Worth Update (-$121.89)

Ouch, another down month for our net worth, but not by much. It decreased $121.89 from October to $35,177.21 (click on spreadsheet below).What worked:We both still have our jobs, even with my company laying off 15% of its employees in October. We were able to deposit $715 into our savings account, but pulled $1,169.14 out for our condo tax payment. Thankfully, this was a planned expense that we have been saving a little for each month. We sold our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation (ticker TM) Read more [...]

October 2008 Net Worth Update (-$3,598.11)

As with most people, October was another brutal month for our net worth. It decreased $3,598.11 from last month to $35,299.10, a 9.25% drop (click on spreadsheet below). What worked:We both still have our jobs. Seriously, with unemployment at 7.7% in California, we are blessed to be working. We deposited $661 into our savings account and subsequently pulled $1,000 out of saving to open a stock trading account. We purchased 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation (ticker TM) for $63.71/share It Read more [...]

September 2009 Net Worth Update (-$3,310.51)

It will be interesting to see how many blogger’s actually saw an increase in their net worth in September. It was a very rough month, and our net worth took a huge $3,310.51 drop to $38,897.21. On the bright side, long term, the depressed stock market should help put our investments that much further ahead when it comes time to retire, since we’re buying everything “on sale” right now.What worked:We finally sold Car 1 (my truck). This will allow us to save an additional $293/month in car Read more [...]

August 2008 Net Worth Update (+$3,434.28)

August was another good month for our net worth. It increased $3,434.28 from last month to a new total of $42,207.72.What worked:I received my annual company profit sharing this month to the tune of $730.72, my wife received an "extra" third paycheck, my wife's 6% 401(k) contribution (with a 25% match) began this month and we contributed a total of $400 to our Roth IRAs.What did not work:We still have not been able to sell my truck, but otherwise, no complaints.Next month:September should be a pretty Read more [...]

July 2008 Net Worth Update (+$5,309.10)

As I had hoped, July was a great turnaround month for our net worth. It increased $5,309.10, to $38,773.44. That's a 15.86% increase from last month (click on spreadsheet below).What worked:The biggest impact in July came from my wife's huge $4,427.74 commission check from her old job. In addition, my wife began her new better paying job and I received a third "extra" paycheck. All of these funds allowed us to increase our cash and savings balance to $10,299.08, even after withdrawing $1,079.86 from Read more [...]

June 2008 Net Worth Update (-$2,221.12)

June ended up being a worse net worth month for us than I expected. We were down $2,221.12 from last month, to a total net worth of $33,464.34 (click on spreadsheet below).As I mentioned in my previous post, the down month was due to a combination of planned annual expenses (such as our vacation), some overspending (such as the increase in eating out), and depressed market conditions (such as the reduction in our retirement accounts).I’m not going to dwell on all of the details that made June a Read more [...]