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Opened Roth IRA For Wife

We opened a Roth IRA for my wife this weekend, selecting the Vanguard 500 Index Fund as her investment. The Vanguard 500 Index Fund is the largest mutual fund in the world and attempts to attempt to mirror the S&P 500.The fund has an initial minimum investment of $3,000; additional investments are $100. We plan to fully fund her Roth IRA ($4,000 in 2007) , as well as open and fully fund a Roth IRA for me. Read more [...]

Financial Websites

I really enjoy searching the web for high quality financial websites that I can learn from. It's amazing how much information is available online. Below is a list of sites that I visit frequently.Early Retirement ForumFinding this site started it all for me2millionMy favorite personal finance blogMorningstarMore finance information that you can ever readBloomberg CalculatorsMany useful financial calculatorsVanguardOffers a wealth of resources and low expense Roth IRA choices Read more [...]

Why Don’t We Talk About Money?

Other than my family, I only have a couple of friends that I talk with about money. Even then, our conversations are usually limited to vague references, and not actual numbers. I can see pros and cons to keeping money matters private. ProsLess chance of jealousy if your financial situation is better than another person's Less possibility of embarrassment if your financial situation is worse off than another person's Less likelihood that someone will hit you up for a loan / try to steal from youConsLack Read more [...]

Roth IRA vs 401(k)

We currently have $12,688.05 invested in my company's 401(k) plan and $630.00 saved up to begin funding Roth IRA’s for my wife (minimum required to open a Vanguard Roth IRA is $3,000).The 401(k) money was accumulated (no company match) over the past 5 years of off and on investing without a plan or a goal. Now that we do have a plan and a goal, we have decided to focus on fully funding our Roth IRA’s this year, while still contributing a small amount (2% of my salary) to my company's 401(k) plan. Read more [...]

Stong Financial Foundation

Simple ideas for a strong financial foundation:Live below your meansI believe this is one of the most important steps to a strong financial foundation and, for me, one of the hardest. If you try to keep up with your rich looking friends and associates, you may end up like most of them: lots of nice stuff, but a low net worth. Every dollar that you save is worth more than an extra dollar earned because the extra dollar earned is taxed.Start an emergency fundJob loss, health issues, and expenisve repairs Read more [...]

Investing Plan

My wife and I have been putting investing on the backburner while we paid off some debt this past year. We feel that we’re in a position now to begin investing again.We currently have $12,242 invested aggressively in my 401(k), broken down as such:25% - JH Lifestyle Aggressive (1.15% expense ratio)25% - Pacific Rim Fund (1.72% expense ratio)25% - Real Est. Securities Fund (1.54% expense ratio)25% - Natural Resources Fund (1.51% expense ratio)We also have $700 in ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals stock.We’re Read more [...]