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E*Trade Account Service Fee

While reviewing our accounts, I happened to notice that E*Trade charged us a $40 Account Service Fee for our stock trading account since we have not made any trades in the last quarter. It's my fault that I did not read the fine print, but a $40 fee on a ~$300 balance is ridiculous. I’ve put a sell limit order in for our remaining 20 shares of BofA stock for $17/share (we bought at $14/share). The stock is currently at $16.66/share. I hope it will sell next week so we can get this money in Read more [...]

Solid 6 Month

I always feel like we could be doing more to reach our goal of early retirement, but am very thankful for all of our blessings. I'm also thankful for my parents for being such great personal finance role models.We've been working hard to increase the contributions to our retirement accounts and have done a good job over the past 6 months. Our average monthly contribution since May has been $1,453.Here's a month-by-month breakdown: May $1,025.19June$1,675.19July$1,743.52August$1,181.48September$1,592.71October~$1,500.00 Read more [...]

Sold Bulk Of Our BofA Stock

We sold 86 shares of our Bank of America stock today for $17.50/share. We purchased 106 shares of the stock for $14.00/share back in January, so after fees, we earned over a 20% gain. That's a lot more than we would have earned keeping the money in our savings account for 9 months.Selling the 86 shares basically cashes out the $1,500 that we originally invested. We're going to let the remaining 20 shares ride. This is money (currently ~$350) can now grow without any risk to our original $1,500. Read more [...]

Wife Opened a Traditional IRA

My wife rolled over a $1,493.85 balance from her old company 401(k) into an traditional IRA with Vanguard. We already have our Roth IRAs with Vanguard and like the company. She chose to invest the traditional IRA money in Vanguard STAR Fund (VGSTX) a balanced fund of stocks, bonds, and short-term investments. She is eligible to contribute to her new company 401(k) in April.

Watching Our BofA Stock Fall Gives Me Something To Do

. . .but it’s expensive entertainment. We purchased 106 shares of Bank of America stock (symbol: BAC) on January 7 for $14/share. It is currently worth about 1/2 of what we paid for it. Opps. Apparently, the drop in share price is the response to Bank of America seeking additional government aid to absorb credit losses at Merrill Lynch, which they bought on January 1. We didn't expect the stock to go up immediately, but we also didn't expect it to plummet either. We will wait and watch. Read more [...]

We Don’t Bank With Them, But We Bought Their Stock

We sold our Toyota Motor Corporation stock (symbol: TM) for a small gain in mid December because we wanted to increase our savings once we got word my wife was to be laid off January 1st. Well this money didn't stay in our savings account long because we purchased 106 shares Bank of America Corporation stock (symbol: BAC) today of for $14/share.We've been wanting to take advantage of the depressed stock market as much as we're able to and the financial sector is about as depressed as it gets. We Read more [...]

Working To Increase Our Savings

With my wife's lay off come January 1st, and my company not doing so red hot, we decided to sell our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation stock and add the money to our savings account. We purchased the stock at $65/share on November 11th and sold for $68.16/share today. Because of a promotion E*TRADE is having, we did not have to pay the $12.99 fee to buy or sell, so we made $47.40 in 37 days. That's almost double the interest we earned last month on the ~$10K in our savings account.In better Read more [...]

Bought More Toyota Stock

After selling our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation stock (ticker TM) for a 26% gain in 19 days, we’ve been eagerly waiting to buy back in. Well, on Tuesday we got our chance to pick up another 15 shares when the stock dropped to $65/share. Since we bought, it’s come down to ~$62/share, but I’m confident it will work its way back up. Our goal will be to sell when it hits ~$85/share. Read more [...]

Sold Our 15 Shares of Toyota Motor Corporation

We sold our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation yesterday morning for $82.81/share. Not too bad considering we bought it for $63.71/share just 19 days prior. We ended up made $260.67 after subtracting $12.99 for purchasing the stock and $12.99 for selling the stock.

Toyota’s stock started dropping shortly after we sold and today hit a low of $64.80/share. So, we put in a buy request for 15 shares at $61/share. Unfortunately, it never got that low, but there’s always tomorrow.

Bought Some Stock

With the market beaten down pretty bad, we figure now is a perfect time for us to buy some individual stock with a little "play money".We took $1,000 out of savings and opened an E*TRADE stock trading account. My wife and I have had our eyes on a few stocks, but ended up choosing Toyota Motor Corporation (ticker TM) because we feel it is a strong company and will likely recover nicely when the economy turns around. We purchased 15 shares of Toyota on Thursday for $63.71/share. In the last month, Read more [...]