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Wife’s quarterly bonus $16,745.00

As a follow-up to my post yesterday about reaching our $300K net worth milestone, I should have explained that it was due to my wife earning a nice quarterly bonus.  Her bonus was larger than she expected, $16,745.00 gross ($9,088.68 net). She also received her first paycheck from her promotion (her salary went from $97K/year to $130K/year).   This extra ~$1,650/month take home is a major blessing and buys us time as I look for a job.  We plan to use it to increase our savings. A great Read more [...]

Wife Is Going To Have a BIG February

February is going to be a huge month for my wife's career.  She had an amazing quarter (as usual) and should receive a quarterly bonus of ~$15K gross.   She will also be receiving a trip for two to Cancun for winning the President's Award. If that wasn't enough, she also is being promoted to management and will now have a team of sales reps that report to her.  Her salary will increase from $97,000 to $130,000 and her quarterly bonus for hitting goal will increase from $9,000 to $12,500 Read more [...]

Quarterly Bonus Update

I am so proud of my wife for passing her quarterly goal yesterday.  Her goal seemed unreachable at the beginning of the quarter, but she made it happen.  Besides the sense of achievement, this is great news for three reasons: 1) Her bonus plan pays $9,000 for reaching 100% of goal.  She passed 100% and is already up to ~$10,000 in bonus.  Plus, she still has the rest of December to add to the total. 2) After reaching her goal, she became eligible for other performance incentives offered Read more [...]

Wife’s quarterly bonus $12,490

My wife has been doing absolutely amazing at her job.  She just closed another successful quarter, earning a bonus of $12,490.00 gross ($7,664.17 net).  This brings her 2014 bonus total to $110,280.00!I am so proud of her well-deserved success.  In addition to her bonuses, she also receives a $97,000/year salary, $800/month auto reimbursement (and gas card), and $100/month internet reimbursement.  I knew she was extremely talented, but this is beyond what Read more [...]

Salary Back To Even

Great news! My company announced today that they are returning us to our full salaries.In February 2009, everyone in the company received a salary reduction to help us get through the tough economic times - my salary redution was 10%. My company has been slowly increasing our salaries in an effort to get us back to even. This last 2.5% increase represents $1,750/year and returns me to my annual salary of 70,460.I feel very blessed to have kept my job while others in my company were let go. Hopefully Read more [...]

Offer Letter

My wife just received her offer letter and it’s a good one.

They offered her a $60,000 base, $4,500 more than her last job. Also included in the offer is a bonus structure for up to 25% of her base pay. She also gets a company car and a complete home office.

That is WAY more than I made when I was 26 years old. Come to think of it, with her bonus and company car, it’s more than I make now. Good thing I’m man enough to admit it.

Wife Laid Off

My wife’s company has been struggling and finally decided on Friday to layoff the entire sales force off. It’s unfortunate, but not a total surprise. She had already survived 2 rounds of layoffs with this company and there were rumors and signs things were coming to a head. Where does that leave us? Not in too bad of shape, actually. • She will receive 2 weeks severance• Her vacation will be cashed out• She’ll be bonused on any sales until 4/2• She gets to keep her company car Read more [...]

2010 Taxes

We paid a total of $2,025 in federal and state taxes last year. This year, we wanted to get help with our taxes because we had to account for our condo short sale. Thanks to a referral from a trusted friend, we met with our new tax accountant today and, boy, was it was worth it. While we had less mortgage interest to deduct this year, he helped us find other deductions that we didn't realize we were eligible for. We paid him $275 and he helped us receive a total refund (federal & state) of $4,111! Read more [...]