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Pedicure for a Man? Best $30 I’ve Spent.

I am confident enough in my masculinity to admit that I had my first pedicure today and it was AWESOME!   Easily the best $30 that I've spent in quite some time.I walk around barefoot constantly and over the years have developed very callused feet.  A couple of years ago they started cracking and looking pretty bad.  My heels eventually developed deep, painful fissures.I thought I could fix the problem myself.  I spent a good amount of money on countless PedEggs ($10 each), Read more [...]

Health Savings Account (HSA)

My wife's has severe allergies and recently began getting weekly injections to help. It's not cheap, so she opened a Health Savings Account (HSA) through her new company.The HSA is a tax-advantaged medical savings account that allows her to pay for the shots (and other medical costs) using pretax dollars. Unlike a Flexible Spending Account, funds roll over and accumulate year over year if not spent.She's having $50/check taken out and pays for the doctor visits using a "debit" type card. The HSA Read more [...]

The Cost Of Not Flossing Enough

During my visit to the dentist six months ago, I was informed that I needed to floss more because my gums were in bad shape, and might require special deep cleaning. The dental hygienist told me it can cost ~$1,000 to have the deep cleaning performed. Needless to say, I was scared into submission. Since that visit, I have been flossing every other day or so. I visited the dentist again last week and was told that my flossing had paid off in all but one area, the upper left-hand side of my mouth. Read more [...]

The Benefits Of Acupunture

My wife has suffered with severe allergies her whole life, and none of the prescriptions her doctors have provided gave any lasting relief. She began going to an acupuncturist a little over a year ago on the recommendation of a friend. I’m a bit of a skeptic, so I didn’t expect results from such an unusual field of medicine. Acupuncture seemed so foreign to me and more of a novelty than anything. However, after a few visits, she was able to reduce her allergy medicine and, eventually, quit taking Read more [...]