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We passed our net worth milestones of $1,000,000! I started tracking our net worth in 2007 when we had a negative worth. 13 years later, a snapshot of our finances look like this: $465K in retirement savings$82K in brokerage accounts & cash$53K saved for our kids' college (age 8 and 6)Paid off 2017 SUV$355K in home equity (actually $463K equity using current comps instead of our $528K purchase price) Our net worth is currently $1,001,678.16, making us officially millionaires:) We passed Read more [...]


Happy New Year! Somehow I forgot to post our 2020 financial goals earlier this month. 2019 was an amazing year and we hope to conquer some exciting financial goals in 2020. Here they are: 1) Pass our 2024 Net Worth Goal We ended 2019 with a net worth of $829,705, over 4 years ahead of our 2019 net worth goal. We would like to maintain this lead and end 2020 with a net worth over $891,500 (our 2024 net worth goal). 2) Increase total retirement savings to $475K We ended 2019 with $386K Read more [...]


Review of 2019 Financial Goals Happy New Year!  We had a blessed year and did pretty good on our financial goals.  Here they are:   1) Pass our 2022 Net Worth Goal - SUCCESS We’ve been tracking 3 years ahead of our net worth goals and were able to increase this trend to 4 years ahead of our goals in 2019.  We ended 2019 with a net worth of $829,705, well above our 2019 goal ($510K), 2020 goal ($575K), 2021 goal ($645K), 2022 goal ($721K) and 2023 goal ($803K).  Amazing! 2) Read more [...]