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I've been busy with life and haven't updated our numbers lately but now that I have, I realized that we passed our net worth milestones of $740,000 and $750,000! This awesome year continues! We passed our last net worth milestone of $730K in April. Our net worth is currently $750,394.98. We hope to reach out next milestone of $760K by August. Read more [...]


Happy New Year!  The years have been flying by and we have set some exciting financial goals for ourselves in 2019.  Here they are:   1) Pass our 2022 Net Worth Goal We ended 2018 with a net worth of $667,000, over 3 years ahead of our 2018 net worth goal.  We would like to keep this lead and end 2019 with a net worth over $721,500 (our 2022 net worth goal). 2) Reduce average monthly expenses by $1,000 We spent an average of $15,620 per month in 2018.  An insane amount Read more [...]

Review of 2018 Financial Goals

Wow!  2018 flew by!  Happy New Year!  2018 was another blessed year for our family.  We were on track to hit all of our goals until the stock market dropped at the end of the year.  Even though we only hit three of our five 2018 financial goals, I still am counting it as a very good year.  Here are the details:   1) Pass our 2022 Net Worth Goal  - FAIL We had a very good chance to hit our 2022 net worth goal of $721,500 but the market dump at the end of the Read more [...]