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Happy New Year!  Financially, 2021 was an amazing year, reaching almost all of our 2021 financial goals. In fact, we exceeded most of our goals by a large margin.  This is quite an achievement considering that I quit my job in October 2020.  Thank God it all worked out lol.  Thankfully, my wife has an amazing job that she is stellar at. Below are the results of our 2021 financial goals:  1) Pass our 2028 Net Worth Goal – SUCCESSWe started 2021 with a net worth of $1,252,846 (7 years ahead Read more [...]

October 2021 Net Worth Update (+215,984.08)

Overall October was an incredible month for our net worth.  Our net worth increased $215,984.08 from last month to a total of $1,904,604.24 (see spreadsheet screenshot).  We passed our net worth milestones of $1,800K to $1,900K this month! Retirement Accounts Our retirement accounts are comprised of our 401(k)s, our Roth IRAs and our Traditional IRAs.  We contribute 7% to my wife’s 401(k).  My wife’s company matches up to 6% of her 401(K) contribution and chips Read more [...]