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Life is Short…Don’t Forget To Live

My friend's father has owned a shoe repair shop as long as I have known him (30+ years).  He was always so nice to us kids when we were growing up, that it didn't surprise me to learn that he would bring coffee every morning to the owner of the gun store next to his shop. On Friday, he stopped by the gun store with coffee and interrupted a robbery in progress.  One of the two robbers pushed my friend's 85-year-old father to the ground, fracturing his skull.  He was pulled off life support Read more [...]

Target Retirement Date Update

It’s been a half a year since we first started down the path towards our goal of early retirement. While our goal of retiring in 2027 may still be a stretch, I’m more optimistic than ever. We have enjoyed great success thus far in growing our net worth, while having fun along the way.There are still many years and major events between now and the possibility of early retirement. We would like to purchase a house and have kids in the next few years, both of which will impact our goal. We hope Read more [...]

Net Worth Milestones

To achieve our net worth goal of $1.5M in 20 years, we need a plan. Below are our net worth goals for each year (click on spreadsheet to enlarge). This plan assumes an average annual return of 8%, and our ability to increase our investments as our careers develop.As you can see, if we are able to hit our targets, we are still almost $300K short of our $1.5M goal. I guess that’s why they call them "stretch" goals. Read more [...]

Stong Financial Foundation

Simple ideas for a strong financial foundation:Live below your meansI believe this is one of the most important steps to a strong financial foundation and, for me, one of the hardest. If you try to keep up with your rich looking friends and associates, you may end up like most of them: lots of nice stuff, but a low net worth. Every dollar that you save is worth more than an extra dollar earned because the extra dollar earned is taxed.Start an emergency fundJob loss, health issues, and expenisve repairs Read more [...]

Target Retirement Date

Our ideal target retirement date is 2027, twenty years from now, when I am 52 and my wife is 43. Realistically, this goal is going to be a stretch, but we have a long enough time frame that I think it is possible under favorable conditions.If we believe that we can live on $60,000/year when we retire, then using a 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR), our nest egg goal is $1.5M. However, with inflation averaging 3.43% annually, our nest egg may need to be substantially larger.We will refine and better define Read more [...]

First, some background information

My amazing wife and I have been married for one year. When we met over two years ago, I was in bad shape financially. I owed $27,000+ in credit card debit and $4,000 to my parents. My problem was that I always spent more than I earned, and figured that I’d just catch up later. Unfortunately, later never seemed to arrive. My wife (girlfriend at the time) woke me up to the fact that I was in over my head, and I needed to change my ways and pay off my debt.Substantial progress was made (another post, Read more [...]