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6,216 Delta SkyMiles

I just returned from another business trip and earned 6,216 Delta SkyMiles. This brings me to a total of 49,939 SkyMiles. I also used my rewards credit card for all business expenses during the trip, earning us a $25 cash back reward.

I leave town again in a 1-1/2 weeks and may reach Gold Medallion status, resulting in double the SkyMiles every time I fly for the next 12 months.

Ways To Get More Frequent Flyer Miles

I went on another business trip at the end of last month and racked up a few more Delta SkyMiles. I'm now at 42,790 SkyMiles total.In addition to my Silver Medallion status with Delta that earns me a 25% mileage bonus every trip, I found a couple of new ways to earn extra SkyMiles while traveling. I earned 300 SkyMiles for renting a car from Dollar Rent-A-Car. I almost always rent car while on business trips, but I never knew I could earn frequent flyer miles doing it. I also received ~100 SkyMiles Read more [...]

Traveling Perks

I just returned from a business trip and am happy to be home. Each trip, I try to earn as many “kickbacks” as possible. Delta SkyMiles Before my trip, I started with 29,233 SkyMiles (after using over 100,000 miles to get two free tickets to Hawaii in September. I now have 32,928 SkyMiles, but need them to still give me credit for part of my trip. My total should increase 1,500-2,000 SkyMiles once that is done. Since I am Silver Medaliion status, I was also upgraded to first class Read more [...]

Miles and Miles

I just returned from a business trip to the East Coast and earned another 9,944 Delta SkyMiles. My Gold Medallion status provides me doubles the miles for each trip, so they add up quickly. I now have a whopping total of 127,083 SkyMiles. My wife and I plan to use the frequent flyer miles for a trip to Hawaii, but my wife needs to get settled into her new job first (see starts on Monday).

Over 100,000 Frequent Flyer Miles

I just returned from a business trip to Europe. Professionally and personally, the trip was amazing and such a blessing. I met a number of new European contacts and it appears that there may be a great deal of opportunity in countries where our products currently have little or no exposure. In my free time, I visited the Van Gogh Museum (my 2nd time) and Anne Frank House. These are must sees when in The Netherlands.I'm also excited about the 25,168 frequent flyer miles I earned during the trip. If Read more [...]

Frequent Flyer Miles From My Trip To Europe

I just returned from my business trip overseas. It was a good trip, but, as always, it's nice to be home. One nice thing about traveling is the frequent flyer miles that I earn. This trip, I earned 15,692 and now have 60,276 Delta SkyMiles saved up. However, I learned that I was not automatically updated to Gold Medallion status when I hit the 50,000 mile mark. The update usually takes place the following Saturday. So, I only received a 25% bonus for my miles on this trip (Silver Medallion), Read more [...]

Headed To Europe

I am going to Europe for a 5 day business trip tomorrow. I will pass Delta’s 50,000 mile mark (for the year) on my flight over to Europe. This will move me from the Silver Medallion level to the Gold Medallion level. At the Gold level, I’m entitled to a 100% mile bonus for every mile I fly with Delta the rest of the year. This means double the frequent flyer miles on my return flight from Europe!

Back Home. . . For a Week

I just returned from a business trip to the East Coast, adding another 6,212 miles to my Delta SkyMiles. This has been a good year for my frequent fly miles. I'm now at 37,580 miles on Delta and qualify for Silver Medallion benefits. I didn't realize this until I was automatically upgraded to 1st class and also did not have to pay the $50 charge for an overweight bag.I fly back to the East Coast in a week for an 8 day trip, adding another 6K miles to my Delta SkyMiles (and hopefully another complimentary Read more [...]

Considering Adding Another Dog To The Family

I just returned from my business trip and am happy to be back home. Our neighbor's dog is over our house and our dog and him are having a lot of fun playing. My wife and I have been discussing getting another dog so that our dog has a playmate and to help with home security while I am away on business.My wife's old job allowed her much more time at home to entertain our dog. We're blessed that her new job will as well, but not for another 1+ years. The new job is going to keep her in the office 10+ Read more [...]