December 2020 Income Statement

In December, we had a very high income month and an even higher expense month.

Our total income in December was $51,127.48.  In addition to my wife’s regular paychecks, she received $187.97 in company reimbursements.  I received $1,800 in unemployment in November. We pulled $38,237.68 cash out of our home to pay off our boat loan and received an escrow refund of $3,427.65.  Plus, we earned $15.29 in interest income from our savings accounts.

This month, our expenses totaled $55,142.42.  Way too much but, a huge amount was used to pay off our boat.  Even so, that means we still spent $12,009.27 on everything else. Large, non-recurring expenses include $43,133.15 to pay off our boat, $1,725 for setting up a living trust (50% of total fee), $829 for doctor visits and prescriptions, and $372 for personal care items.

Next month, our income will be much lower so we have to watch our expenses.

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