June 2017 Income Statement

June was a great income month and a relatively low expense month (see spreadsheet screenshot).

Our total income in May was $22,808.39, our 5th highest income month since I began tracking in March 2007.  In addition to our two regular paychecks, my wife and I received a third “extra” paycheck, and my wife received a paycheck for one week at her new job.  My wife received a $12,500 gross ($8,307.18 net) signing bonus for her new company and I received a monthly bonus of $1,541.67 gross ($880.51 net).  With my wife departure this month from her old company, they cashed out her vacation to the tune of $2,645.34 gross ($1,497.55 net).  We also got a $450 monthly auto allowance from my company, $46.99 in internet reimbursement from my wife’s company, and $100 in rebates for a new pool pump.  We earned $3.95 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, our expenses were dramatically lower than our income.  We spent a total of $10,272.53 in June.  Big ticket items include $570 in gym membership and gear, $604 in eating out, and $502 in clothing.

Next month will be another great income month.  It will be my wife’s first full month at her new job.  In addition to her higher salary, she will receive a $2,500/month guaranteed bonus the first two months.  In July, I will receive around $2,000 gross in monthly bonuses and another $2,500 for my quarterly bonus.

June 2017 income statement

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