February 2017 Income Statement

February was a good income month and a lower than average expense month (see spreadsheet screenshot).

I started a new job on 1/30/75 and our total income in February was $9,683.90.  My wife received her two regular paychecks and I received one week unemployment ($450), half a paycheck and a full paycheck.   My wife also received $341.17 in company reimbursements.  We also earned $1.42 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, our spending was lower than it has been in many months, although higher than our budget.  We spent a total of $10,931.53 in February.  Big ticket items include $2,165 in nanny/babysitting, $481.82 in concert tickets, and $550 for my wife’s gym membership (which her company reimbursed $320 of).  We’ve did a much better job managing our grocery and dinning expenses.

Next month forecasts to be a HUGE income month.  In addition to our regular paychecks, my wife should receive a $17K gross quarterly bonus, I will receive a $2,500 gross monthly bonus, and we may get a tax return.  In addition, my wife will receive a 1.5% raise beginning her second check in March.

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