November 2016 Income Statement

November was our first full month with me on unemployment (I was laid off on 10/3/16).  It was one of our more modest income months but our expenses have come down a good amount (see spreadsheet screenshot).

Our total income in November was $8,501.32.  My wife received her normal two paychecks.  I received $1,800 in unemployment.  My wife also received $138.34 in company reimbursements. We earned $2.54 in interest income from our savings account.

This month, we successfully keep our spending down.  We spent a total of $8,948.95 in November.  Big ticket items include $1,776 for groceries and $356 for our phone bill (included a new phone).

Next month should be a strong month.  My wife will receive a $17K gross quarter bonus and she also will receive a third “extra” paycheck.  Our expenses will be higher with the Christmas holiday.

income statement dec 2016

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