Net Worth Milestone: $470,000

We feel blessed to have experienced our largest net worth increase to date.  We just passed the net worth milestone of $470,000, a ~$130K increase in our net worth.  We passed our previous net worth milestone of $340,000 in April.

The massive increase was due to selling our home that we owed ~$353K on for $685K; a huge gain in the 4 years that we have owned it.  We purchased a larger, nicer home in a lower cost of living area nearby for $465K.  Since we put a large down payment on it, we’ll only have a mortgage of $198K (after keeping ~$17K out of the proceeds for furniture).  We are so thankful to have a mortgage that we can pay off in 10-15 years.

Our net worth is currently $473,328.  I will update our chart on the left at the end of the month.

We hope to hit our next net worth milestone of $480,000 in August.


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