Miles and Miles

I just returned from a business trip to the East Coast and earned another 9,944 Delta SkyMiles. My Gold Medallion status provides me doubles the miles for each trip, so they add up quickly. I now have a whopping total of 127,083 SkyMiles. My wife and I plan to use the frequent flyer miles for a trip to Hawaii, but my wife needs to get settled into her new job first (see starts on Monday).

4 thoughts on “Miles and Miles”

  1. I use NWA for miles and wonder how the transition will be with the merger. Right now I have only about 20K miles, which would only get me one way somewhere. How many miles with Delta would it take to get to Hawaii?

  2. I believe 75,000 SkyMiles gets you a free ticket to Hawaii, but with a limited time frame. They do offer a more flexible time frame, but I think it’s about twice the miles.


  3. Apparently I’m in the wrong card because none of my trips to LA every quarter rack up nearly as many miles! And I’d like a free airline ticket once in a while! I got one airline mile for every eligible dollar I spend on trips, hotels, car rental, and grocery stores. But, with traveling once a quarter and not really using the card when I go grocery shopping, the miles just aren’t adding up. I’ve got maybe 20k at best.

  4. Kristy,

    Hang in there. With Delta, mine did not start to add up until I hit Silver Medallion status and received bonus miles every trip. Now, we Gold Medallion status, it’s like getting miles for two trips each time I fly.


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