Sold Our 15 Shares of Toyota Motor Corporation

We sold our 15 shares of Toyota Motor Corporation yesterday morning for $82.81/share. Not too bad considering we bought it for $63.71/share just 19 days prior. We ended up made $260.67 after subtracting $12.99 for purchasing the stock and $12.99 for selling the stock.

Toyota’s stock started dropping shortly after we sold and today hit a low of $64.80/share. So, we put in a buy request for 15 shares at $61/share. Unfortunately, it never got that low, but there’s always tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Sold Our 15 Shares of Toyota Motor Corporation”

  1. Good move. Toyota is a good stock.

    General Motors really got trounced today. Down 22% to $3. I think an analyst claimed that the company is going bankrupt.

    The usual for GM, you know…

  2. I see you all didn’t hold it for very long. That was a short-term move.

    The stock market is cheap right now. There is money to be made in the long term. I.e., 5-10 years at least…

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