We Bought A Robot

We decided to take advantage of technological advancements and purchased an iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot from Costco for $279.

This thing is as neat as it sounds. You input a cleaning schedule and it crawls around the house daily vacuuming the carpet and travertine. We were amazed how much more stuff the robot picks up because it can reach under places we can’t get to with the vacuum. It even has a side brush that reaches into corners to remove dirt, hair, etc. Another cool feature is that it comes with two small towers that serve as virtual walls. The vacuum will not pass the invisible beam emitted from the tower. We found out how important this can be when we left our front door open and the robot scaled the door jam and cruised down our sidewalk. Thankfully, my wife caught it before it ventured too far. This thing even finds its way back to its docking station to recharge once its done vacuuming. How cool is that?

My wife has bad allergies and our dog shed quite a bit, so it’s important to keep our place well vacuumed. The iRobot is a great time saver and actually does a better job vacuuming than we do.

We want to do a better job of taking advantage of technology, especially technology that saves us time. Another thing my wife and I have begun doing is watching some of our favorite TV shows online because there are no commercials. In a 30 minute program, that saves us 8 minutes or so in commercials.

Next up, a car that drives itself so I can blog on the way to work.

7 thoughts on “We Bought A Robot”

  1. My neighbor bought one last Christmas and has yet to use it. As soon as she takes it out of the box I’m going to try it out. If it works I’m going to put it on my wishlist.

  2. Amber C – I can’t believe your neighbor hasn’t hooked it up yet. We had ours set-up within an hour of getting home from the store.

    Louise – It totally feels likes something from the Jetsons.

    Sammy – Yeah, it’s not cheap but think how much your time is worth.


  3. Have you read any reviews on the durability of this thing? I’d be interested to see how long it lasts. It sounds like an awesome time saver. What does your dog think of it?

  4. I sure hope the thing holds up. It comes with a one year warranty and we bought it at Costco and they are great with accepting returns. I’ll keep you posted.


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